The Summer MisFling: Exposition

“Hi. :) Do you have time to talk?”

I remember that line so well and it could’ve come from anyone. However, it had a deeper connection in my memory— the life events that had shaped my summer and the fling was never meant to sail— it all started with that one opening. The summer air certainly runs hormones rampant to the point of destruction. Do tell, what is this story?


The thing about the summer air during the break is that I never get things done on time. To me, summer break was my recuperating pill— the drug that could send me to an alternate dimension in a flick. Little did I know, I might’ve stayed in that alternate dimension for too long. The summer days were spent locked in a rectangular box, lying on a rectangular bed, contemplating what I should be doing with my life. The hobbies weren’t resonating strongly probably from oversaturation from the 3-day long marathon. Facebook proved to be the optimum time filler, but it was quite monotonous for my fidgeting brain to handle. Who knew a text-containing box would lead me to that strange encountered that blossomed into a mess.

“Hi. :) Do you have time to talk?”

Was it coincidence or was it fate that someone had managed to contain my interest at that moment? I had the time or I made myself have the time to talk to this semi-stranger and that was it— I had broken the olden rule of never talking to strangers.

A thread had been thrown to start a link, but threads are brittle little polymers— they aren’t like their massive counterparts that take more effort to break. That was the sad thing— I never knew that this simple opening can lead to the greatest illusion in this life. Then again, illusions are meant to entertain even in the harshest means.