Tari Tari

This obviously slice-of-life series was a pain to finish for the reason that I was never a fan of slice-of-life series especially those that have a school setting. If I use that reasoning though, it’s like I’m denouncing more than half the population of anime series (since I also dislike shoujo). However, I do give credit to slice-of-life series if they manage to make me think of other things besides the usual idiocy and slowness that the series has. Tari Tari could’ve been better— I shall establish that now— but it does resonate with me in terms on how music should be loved because I am a frustrated pianist.

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Shinsekai Yori

Shinsekai Yori can be translated to english as From the New World. The series’s title is straight to the point in terms of what it has to offer. Sure, it can be considered a collection of events that shape the new world, but it’s sewn together wonderfully that rather than it looking like segments from different timelines, it creates a thought-provoking tale. In a time wherein our present is considered the Ancient Civilization of their time, there is a lot to absorb from Shinsekai Yori, but it’s great amidst the information overload (and maybe the desensitization).

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