Fleeting Steps

If there is one thing that I wish to see come true, it would be to dance with the person that I love. Two proms and a graduation ball have produced just mere air to my aching heart. My relationships never reached that fated event and it has jaded me. Being surrounded with friends that seem to be in luck by having it happen to them at least once, I start to think that I’m not fated for such an experience. But, is that the true case or is that bitterness in my heart just talking?

– – –

Forgive me for this melodramatic snippet as it is a product of listening to I’ll Be by Edwin McCain and studying for Math. I hate and love the song. I hate how it brings back bitter feelings, but I love the message of the song.



His voice was distinct, that I knew. A few words from below and I knew that it was him. Finally, he had appeared after hours and hours of waiting. Words came out of my mouth to acknowledge his presence while trying to form a possibly cohesive conversation, which all came crashing down when I noticed something was off. Why was he around? He had injured himself apparently to the point he’d have to dismiss going to class.

I continued inquiring on his choices concerning college life, but maybe that was a way to distract both of us from the fact that I took his hand. It wasn’t what I expected; then again, he wasn’t what I expected to begin with. I found it strange that it was soft, but maybe, that’s how all piano hands are.