Tari Tari

This obviously slice-of-life series was a pain to finish for the reason that I was never a fan of slice-of-life series especially those that have a school setting. If I use that reasoning though, it’s like I’m denouncing more than half the population of anime series (since I also dislike shoujo). However, I do give credit to slice-of-life series if they manage to make me think of other things besides the usual idiocy and slowness that the series has. Tari Tari could’ve been better— I shall establish that now— but it does resonate with me in terms on how music should be loved because I am a frustrated pianist.

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Shinsekai Yori

Shinsekai Yori can be translated to english as From the New World. The series’s title is straight to the point in terms of what it has to offer. Sure, it can be considered a collection of events that shape the new world, but it’s sewn together wonderfully that rather than it looking like segments from different timelines, it creates a thought-provoking tale. In a time wherein our present is considered the Ancient Civilization of their time, there is a lot to absorb from Shinsekai Yori, but it’s great amidst the information overload (and maybe the desensitization).

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Dennou Coil

Picture 3

A high school classmate of mine suggested that I watch Dennou Coil, which was 4 years ago. After 4 years of arduous and serendipitous searching, I watched Dennou Coil in one sitting. Staying in bed while watching Dennou Coil at 3am can be considered hazardous and ill-beneficial to one’s health, but I didn’t mind because Dennou Coil was worth it.

You happen to move to a new city; coincidentally, another person also does. Coincidentally, both of you have the same first name. However, that person hates your guts and you don’t know why. In addition, you’ve met her brother who she is possessive about— and in a parallel word. Throw in a scientifically progressed world wherein glasses can be connected to one’s consciousness AND a conspiracy; voila, you’ve just found yourselves in Dennou Coil.

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Lose control, lose control, lose control
Her name is Koko; she is Loko.
I said, “Oh no.”

VM8000Jormungand aired during the Spring 2012 season. That made me realize that I stopped watching anime due to my Ateneo adjustment period. Stupid me for thinking it was my brother’s fault— then again, it’s difficult to watch streamed episodes when the internet is horrendously slow and “juice” priority is for online gaming.

I remember myself raving about Jormungand because of the lead character, Koko Hekmatyar. Koko is a female arms dealer and works for HCLI, a company owned by her father. She has nine bodyguards, as shown by the picture to the left with the newest addition being a child soldier, Jonah (bottom left). Jormungand attempts to narrate how Koko is in Jonah’s eyes because Jonah hates arms dealers and being recruited as a body guard of one is ironic.

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Architecture 101

Extraordinarily beautiful story-telling— Architecture 101 tells a story about college love in a past versus present style involving what could have been’s and what have been’s. However, if you’re looking for a happy ending romance or a romantic comedy, then it’s best you stray from Architecture 101 because it is definitely far from such. However, I can certainly say that Architecture 101 leaves you in good terms with the movie’s plot and is a definite reality check.

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Majisuka Gakuen

I haven’t watched any Japanese series, whether drama or anime, for the past 3 months. I’ve been on a series hiatus because I was prioritizing academics over hobbies. I wanted to see how much extra time I could have within a semester; in addition, I wanted to adjust into Ateneo properly. Shifting from a public school to a private one, there is a big difference— one I must adjust myself to.

My blockmate decided to introduce me to the series Majisuka Gakuen over the weekend since he found out that I listen to AKB48 songs. My background on AKB48 is based on the anime series AKB0048, which has a sequel in the works. I was intrigued by the idea that group idols acted in something NOT related to typical idol work. Therefore, I started watching Majisuka Gakuen over the weekend (which carried over to Monday).

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Persona 3 Portable (P3P)

Few months back, I finished the PSP game, Persona 3 Portable. I never got to fully finish it before because I always felt that I didn’t do well enough in the game. After going through three new games, I finally figured out what I should be doing in order to have a gaming experience that I would appreciate. In short, after 124 hours of gameplay, I finished Persona 3 Portable under the female main character. Now, most gamers would say that finishing Persona 3 Portable under the female main character only doesn’t equate to the whole experience. My rebuttal to that would be P3P is different from the other Persona 3 games because of the female main character. I finished the male character route when I played Persona 3 FES: The Journey. While I could talk about my experience under Persona 3 FES (P3F), I haven’t completed its experience because I haven’t finished The Answer. Thus, I shall talk about P3P.

There exists an hour between the current day and the next, which is called the Dark Hour. The Dark Hour is the driving force behind the game. Persona 3 Portable (P3P) is set in the city of Iwatodai, a city built and managed by the Kirijo group. A school funded by the same group is named Gekkoukan High School, which is where most of the game takes place. The main protagonist transfers to that city with reasons never mentioned during the plot line. However, it is enough to know that the protagonist has an important mission when he transfers there.

When playing using the female main character (fem!MC), there are a couple of things worth noticing. It is possible to be a pedophile in the game because of a certain social link’s lover’s route, but in general, the social links are differ greatly. Another is that the creators of the game are sexist. Finally, the battle style of P3P is different from that of P3F.

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