Established on: March 19, 2012

Why Ailia Kate Kira?

The pen name Ailia Kate Kira began with the name Ailia. The protagonist had a fascination for palindromic names, so she wanted to call herself one, which became her alias. Kate was added in order to give normalcy to the name and it is part of the protagonist’s national culture to have more than one name. Finally, Kira is a Japanese onomatopoeia for sparkle and a word that the protagonist has appreciated since she saw Macross Frontier.

Who is Behind Ailia Kate Kira?

Currently, the girl behind Ailia Kate Kira is learning how not to blow things up using chemicals & waiting for her AB Diplomacy and International Relations degree at Ateneo de Manila University, taking minutes like there’s no tomorrow for the Ateneo Chemisty Society as its Secretary-General, part-time writing for a non-profit site, Population GO, and dating an amazing MIS major.

She graduated from Philippine Science High School – Main Campus and worked as a research intern for the Ateneo Environmental Science Department & National Institute of Geological Sciences.


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