Tari Tari

This obviously slice-of-life series was a pain to finish for the reason that I was never a fan of slice-of-life series especially those that have a school setting. If I use that reasoning though, it’s like I’m denouncing more than half the population of anime series (since I also dislike shoujo). However, I do give credit to slice-of-life series if they manage to make me think of other things besides the usual idiocy and slowness that the series has. Tari Tari could’ve been better— I shall establish that now— but it does resonate with me in terms on how music should be loved because I am a frustrated pianist.

The 5 key characters in the series don’t stand out to the point that the girls could be considered moe blobs and all of them lack a distinct nose feature. It’s the typical character design of P.A. Works who are known for tackling slice-of-life series involving females (at least predominantly). While I could see a Hanasaku Iroha resemblance, these girls seem bland in comparison to Hanasaku Iroha’s girls. I could attribute this to the possible plot direction as the team behind Tari Tari isn’t the same as Hanasaku Iroha.

I do think Tari Tari was smart enough to highlight the division between the regular students and the music students in the school. While the Choir Club is constantly pushed down to the point that it becomes repetitive and bland, it highlights the discrimination of regular student participating in music-based activities. The division strengthens the ending of the series wherein the White Festival is cancelled. Sure, the music students have a higher status in student hierarchy yet they are unable to stand up for what they want because it has been given to them. The one time they aren’t supported, they simply accept it because they haven’t been taught how to fight for what they want. However, for a regular student-run club, they’ve face adversaries before such that is why they can look at such an obstacle head-on.

Honestly, all the characters have personalities that are carbon-copies of one another. Even Wakana, who I initially hoped would keep her cool demeanor, turned into a jolly and happy girl like Konatsu. I’m quite saddened at the huge personality jump, but I guess it was for the plot, but it would’ve resonated more if Wakana kept her cool and logical demeanor, which she can use to match with the vice president allowing the plot to speed up.

I still think that Tari Tari could’ve had more “umph” in terms of delivery and characters.


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