College Plans v2

After postponing my meeting with the Chairman of the Political Science (POS) Department of Ateneo for one whole summer semester, I was finally able to meet her on the last formal day of exams. However, I don’t think scheduling a meeting with her (again) would’ve happened if my dad didn’t finally agree to my aspirations.


I was planning to give up my double degree in BS Chemistry and BS Material Science Engineering for a double degree in BS Chemistry and AB Diplomacy and International Relations. However, in the event that it isn’t possible, I was going to settle for a minor in Global Politics.

Back Story

To be honest, I was one of the Chemistry majors who placed CH-MSE as their choice because Material Science Engineering sounded so badass. However, hearing the current superseniors say that the MSE degree makes one feel like a half-baked potato, I decided otherwise. The initial plan was to shift out and take a minor; that was it, but along the way, the what-ifs started to appear and one of them was my aspiration. If I hadn’t gone to a science school, I would’ve taken International Relations. The interest towards that sector of politics never left me and so I said why not.

It took me around 2 months to get my dad to approve. At first, I said I wanted to shift to that course, causing my dad to go into this lecture on why shifting is bad. The problem with having a lawyer as a dad— he knows how to break one’s hopes, but that’s the thing. The benefit of having a lawyer dad is that he makes you discern how much you want something. I let a few weeks of the summer semester pass by to discern and to get my dad warmed up to the idea. He still couldn’t see how I’d survive with an AB Diplomacy and International Relations degree; honestly, I still can’t either. However, the week before finals, I brought it up again and his reply made me smile that day.

“Just as long as you graduate from Chem, then sure.”

 It sounded daunting at first, but I took on the challenge. That was when I contacted Ma’am Alma, the Chairman of the POS Department.


Just from the initial exchange of words with Ma’am Alma, I figured that luck had been on my side. She was entertained by the idea of having a SOSE major take on a SOSS Program for a second major. She had this smile on her face the whole time as if it was her first time hearing such a feat. That made me smile because I saw someone who was planning to immerse herself in a new experiment. She told me that it was possible as long as I had the guts to pursue it. She pointed out my first “homework”— to finish all the required FLC units. I’m done with 1 out of 4, so 3 more to go. She suggested taking all of it during 3rd year, which I’m planning to do. She was even willing to talk to the other departments on whether some of my units can be credited such as my Hi16 for Hi16.5.

Yes, my plan to be a CH-DPIR major is on schedule. I just hope everything stays with me until 4th year wherein my two majors will start to clash and 5th year wherein I’ll be purely immersed into DPIR.


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