Third Day Of Colds

My dad calls it the irritating nose drip, which is a complete understatement. It is beyond irritating because it makes me feels weak and sluggish leading to the inability to work. Yet, it’s also the sign that my body has grown unaccustomed to waking up at 6am after the beauty I’d calls as my second semester schedule.

Last semester, I would wake up at 10am on Mondays & Wednesdays since my first class would be at 11:30. On Tuesdays & Thursday, 8am since my class started at 9am. Fridays, it’d be 7am since my class starts at 8am. It was pure heaven. No need to wake up at 6am. All-nighters became non-All-nighters. It was rather relaxing.

Two days of classes have gone by and I’m actually excited to attend two out of my three classes: EC102 & CH36. My teacher for EC102 has managed to keep me awake in his classes amidst my obvious lack of sleep in the first two days, especially on the second day. As for CH36, I just really love lab period even though the reports before and after the experiment itself are a hassle and time suckers.

My teachers this semester are rather chill in terms of their classroom rules and policies. For example, my CH35 teacher approves of being 10-minute late  and sleeping in class since sleeping cause less disturbance than talking with seatmate. My EC102 allows unli-cuts with the condition that our grade is affected if we do so. Moreover, he doesn’t mind texting in class. It’s the same reasoning— as long as you don’t disturb your classmates.

I’m looking forward to this semester (even though the heat sucks).


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