Story Title: Yakisoba

Fan Domain: Koi Koi High

Summary: After a tired day at work, it’s nice to wind out with a plate of yakisoba except he got more than that.

Disclaimer: I needed a KeZra fix. This was made. I think that’s the only explanation I need.

Status: Un-beta’d.

The sun was setting behind the clouds as night rolled in. A man of about 5’10” was heading home from his work place. His left hand gripped his suitcase while his right hand sent a text message. He passed by a park that was all too familiar to him, even the cherry blossom tree where he had confessed his feelings to a girl for the first time in his life. He chuckled when he remembered that memory. Oh the follies of youth! He had spent his entire high school life in this city that every nook and cranny had some memory connected to it. He had watched the city grow and change from a place filled with just shops to one that became a melting pot of technological advancements and traditional methods.

He opened the silver gate leading to his house and brought out the key that opened the front door. When he opened the door, he was greeted with a surge of light, which made him smile from ear to ear. The person that he had longed to see finally arrived home. He removed his shoes and placed it on the shoe rack beside the purple flats that just affirmed his assumption that the person he had been wanting for was back.

He headed for the main area of the house wherein the living room and the kitchen were located. He heard a symphony of sounds as he neared the area and was greeted by a sight that excited him. He smirked because he was one hundred percent sure that she was there.

In the kitchen, a woman was preparing for dinner, but that wasn’t what excited him. There was a woman in his kitchen preparing dinner and in very kinky outfit. She was clad in a purple bra and shorts, but of course, she was wearing an apron. She continued preparing food without caring that she was in that sort of outfit.

He approached the woman and gave her a hug from behind. He whispered into her ear, “I missed you, sexy.”

The woman smiled, but the blush still made its way to her face. Even after how many years, he still managed to make her blush, but two could play at that game. She turned around and gazed at his body. She whispered into his ear, “and you’re still amazing eyecandy.”

The man blushed at the reply. She really knew how to get him worked up. He fiddled with her hair, “what’s for dinner?”

The woman returned to cooking the meal. “Yakisoba. I hope that’s okay.”

“As long as it doesn’t threaten my existence,” joked the man, which earned him a light punch to the shoulder.

“I’m sure you must be tired. Go sit at the sofa. I’ll bring our dinner there. Anything you want to drink, Ezra?”

“Your choice.” The man plopped on the sofa and watched his woman from there.

He couldn’t believe that the woman cooking for him was the teenage girl who turned his world upside down in a matter of six days back in his junior year of high school. They’ve gone through some ordeals, like distance, but somehow, the attraction to each other never disappeared. He sighed in content and slouched into the sofa.

The woman placed the plate of yakisoba on the table and sat beside him. He smirked— she didn’t even bother wearing a shirt in replacement of the apron. She was still as kinky as ever.

“Kei, I’ll be lying on your lap with or without your consent.” He placed his head on her lap and closed his eyes. Her legs were still as soft as ever even after seven years.

“Your thighs are soft,” mumbled Ezra.

“Well, you might not get to lie on them for a few months,” stated Kei.

Ezra poked Kei’s stomach as emphasis, which ended up with Kei covering her tummy with one hand and hitting his face with a pillow using the other one. The two chuckled because the scenario reminded them of old times that have somehow continued even after years.

“I’m hungry,” nonchalantly said Ezra.

“There’s yakisoba on the table,” mentioned Kei.

“I’m not hungry for that.” Ezra smirked as he sat up. He slyly looked at Kei.

Kei covered his face with a pillow to remove the smirk. She chuckled as she removed the pillow. “I remember you being spineless back in high school— a spineless boy who gave amazing kisses. What happened in seven years?”

He chuckled. “Well, I ended up dating a girl who was really good in bed.”

“Really now?” Kei smirked and whispered into his ear. “So what are you planning to do to her?”

“This.” Ezra caught Kei’s lips and gave her a sensuous kiss.

And the yakisoba wasn’t eaten that night.


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