College Plans v1

I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that I didn’t pass abroad, so I decided to seriously plan out what I plan to take for the remainder of my stay in Ateneo.


I’m still set in continuing my life as a Chemistry major. After two semester of General Chemistry classes and two Chemistry professors with two different teaching styles, I still have the interest in Chemistry deep in my heart. I don’t think it’ll be going anywhere soon considering the effect that the Chemistry classes in PSHS have placed me in. Moreover, my experiences concerning Chemistry have managed to continue putting a smile on my face amidst the stress and work load that it throws at me. Plus, I firmly believe that I still have the duty to uphold my contract.


Honestly, if I weren’t tied to the PSHS contract, I would’ve taken a program connected to International Relations. I may not be into Philippine Politics, because those have always been overly chaotic and media hyped, but I love the intricacies involved between parties from different countries. Maybe I was looking to abroad for some kind of escape from the contract that ties me down, but I don’t think that is the case now.


In order to cater to both wants, I have devised two plans that will guarantee myself courses connected to International Relations. Of course, I will be meeting the Political Science Department’s chairman, Ma’am Alma, to discuss my idea, but here is the current layout.

1. Giving up my MSE degree for one in Diplomacy and International Relations

This option is the extreme of the two options that I’ll be showing, because going through it will be chaotic. A teacher that mentored me in high school states that this idea is crazy considering the load that I’m already taking as a Chemistry major and advises me to rethink this option. I know it will be difficult to adjust considering laboratory schedules of Chemistry majors are rigid, but I believe that I should still try getting into this.

If ever, I might request if it is possible to just get an International Relations degree only, like a step up from the minor that the department provides, but not as rigorous as the Diplomacy and International Relations track.

2. Keeping my MSE degree and taking a Global Politics Minor

This is the non-stressful and non-chaotic option from the two, but it also is the most normal. It is normal for a student to take minors during his stay in the Ateneo, so I feel like I’m not attempting something different. Moreover, I feel like the Global Politics minor isn’t specialized in the course that have to be taken unlike the ones of International Relations. I will probably discuss with the department chairman if it is possible to alter the required courses of the Global Politics minor.

The upside to taking this minor is that I haven’t come across a Chemistry major who has taken a minor from the Political Science department, so I’ll be going in unguided, but I think that is where the fun is at.


<to follow after my meeting on Tuesday>


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