Quarterly Report (QR): Winter 2013

cropped-blacknwhite-sirda.jpgI believe that updates concerning this blog are needed. Thus, I present the Quarterly Report, which will be abbreviated to QR because I love using acronyms. I’ll be following the anime season system for QRs and it’ll be at the end of every season. I’ll get it started.

Anime Department

Winter Season

It is quite obvious that I returned to watching anime series starting the winter season. The reason behind stopping will be found in another department. My return was a chain reaction from accepting a contributor job at Population GO and stepping up to take in Robotics;Notes under my wing for reviews.

Overall Rating for Series Started/Finished This Season

    • Shinsekai Yori: 10/10
    • Psycho-Pass: 9/10
    • Robotics;Notes: 7/10
    • Amnesia: 4/10
    • Sasami-san@Ganbaranai: [to be updated]
    • Chihayafuru 2: dropped [semi-on-hold]
    • AKB0048 Next Stage: [to be updated]

Spring Season

Things are looking okay for this season of anime. There aren’t a lot of titles that stand out except Attack on Titan. I’m sure to watch Attack on Titan, Railgun S, and Aku no Hana. If life duties weren’t more important, I would be covering those three series. However, I will limit myself to Railgun S and it’ll be posted on Population GO (unless a newbie appears and grabs it from me).

I might add Yahari, Majestic Prince, and Red Data Girl to the list depending how I feel about it about 3 episodes (though RDG is infuriating to watch right now because of its protagonists).


Since I have a 3-week break between the Second semester and the Summer semester, I ended up marathoning a few of anime series. I have yet to start on Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, Another, and Tari Tari. However, my overall rating for the ones that I’ve finished are found below.

    • Kamisama no Memochou: 7/10
    • Sukitte Ii Na Yo: 9/10

Story Department

I have no assured new multi-chaptered stories so far. All the ideas that I had suddenly disappears into thin air. Therefore, there shouldn’t be anything appearing soon.

Maybe Trials of a Dreamless chapter 9 will be released soon. It needed to go through a lot of revamping because it didn’t head towards the direction that I wanted it to head. However, I still haven’t started on the edits because of organization duties.

Life Department

The reason that I had to stop watching anime for around two season was due to transitioning from High School to College. Apparently, I needed a one semester transition period to figure out my priorities, to learn time management, and to find space for anime. Now, I’d totally opt to return full-time for Population GO if I hadn’t ran, and consequently won, for Vice President for Documentations of my home organization. Thus, I’m still part-timing. At least, my main organization duties aren’t year-long-based.


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