Shinsekai Yori

Shinsekai Yori can be translated to english as From the New World. The series’s title is straight to the point in terms of what it has to offer. Sure, it can be considered a collection of events that shape the new world, but it’s sewn together wonderfully that rather than it looking like segments from different timelines, it creates a thought-provoking tale. In a time wherein our present is considered the Ancient Civilization of their time, there is a lot to absorb from Shinsekai Yori, but it’s great amidst the information overload (and maybe the desensitization).

Let’s face it— Shinsekai Yori isn’t known for its characters, because all of them are bland in the context that they barely leave an impression; this is especially apparent in its “main” character, Saki. However, the series knows how to use the key characters as plot devices to push the true theme of the series forward. For example, Shun had to embody the fear of the village while Maria & Mamoru’s child showcased the truth of humanity. Thus, that is the purpose of Group 1— the 6-member group turned 2. Maybe that was the reason I found the last episode of the series very touching. It recalls each member (except Saki cause it’s in her POV) of the group as remembrance that they exist(ed) and that before they were plagued with a conflict, they were still human.

Picture 19One watches Shinsekai Yori for the plot and the scientific setting- not for anything else. The human characters weren’t memorable because Shinsekai Yori focuses on those little breadcrumbs that lead to its message. There is a sense of mystery behind every episode along with the aura that everything isn’t what it seems. My biggest surprise for the whole series was the heavy importance of the bakenezumi (translated: queerats) and its humanistic connection. What maed Shinsekai Yori’s last episode so amazing is that it drops that bombshell of how the bakenezumi are actually human-based species. Maybe that was the reason Squealer said they were human.

Picture 16What I love about Shinsekai Yori (besides plot) is the scenery and how it has been animated. The mesh of the colors is always right and it always gives off a nostalgic feel. Moreover, the details are so wonderfully animated & designed, especially when they’re given those short moments to just stand out. Amazing.

I’d Recommend Shinsekai Yori. Not just recommend, but a must watch.


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