Zeroed Fate

She quickly scrolled through the album list with specific album in mind. It began with the letter F and consisted of two words. That was her album for the day— the one that would get her thinking. Music always had that effect on her. Each music brought back a different memory or a different thoughts, but she was certain that it was dominantly due to the melody rather than the lyrics. But maybe, the lyrics still had some effect on her, but in an implied manner. She knew the story behind the albums she would listen to and would infer from those stories.

The thoughts compiled towards a single person that she didn’t want to think of, but at the same time, she wanted to. This album reminded her of him so much, but she had to let go. She didn’t want to cause permanent damage to him. She needed to be distant, but staying firm on such a decision is difficult. She wished that her D-Day would arrive so that she’d have a clear idea on what to do. She wished that her life could be “easier”.


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