A Letter to EnLit Section R56

Before entering Ateneo, my mom had continuously etched into my brain that my English skills have degraded and that I’ll end up in the Basic track of Ateneo’s English course. It surprised her that I ended up in the regular English block and in a relatively high number.

There is a theory circulating Ateneo that states, “In a certain batch of numbers, the higher the number, the better the English skills of the class.” While typing that previous line, I felt that there is something wrong with the grammar, but that could wait for editing some time in the future when I become a legitimate grammar nazi.

Behold R56, the second to the last section in the set of regular English blocks— the section with a unique English teacher and a queer Literature teacher. They are the reason as to the bond that the section formed later in the year and maybe too late into the year to my liking.

In the beginning, I never felt happy in the EnLit block that I had been assigned too. Maybe it was the inconvenience of the first semester’s classroom or the proliferation of SOM majors in one section. Whichever it was, I never got to appreciate the section’s unique & queer aspects until second semester. Maybe those characteristics have always been there and I didn’t see deep into it back in the first semester because of my prejudice towards SOM majors.

Yes, I do not like SOM majors. I do not know who to blame for such a mentality. It could’ve been the SOSE influence or the proliferation of certain people I dislike during my grade school life in those courses. But I have R56 to thank in the end for changing my opinion by a huge margin. The SOM majors in our section broke the stereotype that I had encased SOM majors in. They showed me that SOM majors put a lot of effort into their studies (or maybe it’s due to most of you being ME & MGT-H).

Words really cannot express how much I have come to love R56. They are the reason that I continue going to EnLit class because they are filled with bubbly energy that manifests in extreme moments of stress. They are the set of people who amaze me continuously. They are the set of people that make me smile and laugh during my MWF days. They are a set of people I will truly miss next year.

Maybe we’ll have quick meet-ups. Maybe we won’t. Maybe we’ll be too absorbed in maintaining QPIs that we neglect each other’s presence. Maybe we’ll continue being online on twitter at unhealthy hours of the morning. Maybe we’ll continue to talk. Maybe… maybe… maybe… No matter how many maybe’s, I know that I love being part of R56.

Thank you for the wonderful school year.


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