A Letter to Kaingin 2012-2013

Being a freshman, I had no idea what each organization in the Ateneo had to offer. I initially joined Kaingin because my mom had been part of the founding members. In my head, I was basically ‘what the heck, I might as well try Kaingin.’ I had joined four organizations at the start of the year, which dwindled down to two at the end: Kaingin and Ateneo Chemistry Society (ACheS).

It is obvious which organization I preferred over the year in Ateneo considering I’m part of its executive board now. However, I want to talk about how much regret I feel deep down for not being as active in Kaingin. I initially attributed my inactivity in Kaingin to my schedule. The schedule of a Chemistry major isn’t all light, fun, and games since I spend 26 hours in class per week. Yet, I still managed to be the project head of two projects in my home organization. If my inactivity was due to my academic schedule, then I should’ve had no time to tackle projects for my home organization too.

Before I knew it, the FB group of Kaingin announced that elections for next year’s EB were on-going. I read all of the candidacy forms for a member who would only like posts in the group and lurk. Then it hit me; maybe I didn’t have the awareness that the other members had for Kaingin. As a freshman, I was struggling to adjust myself into the Ateneo and I found my adjustment easier in my home organization. Who can blame me right?

I feel that I haven’t done enough for Kaingin, but I feel that it is an amazing organization just from lurking in the Facebook group. There are people dedicated to it that I find it amazing. I like meeting passionate and dedicated people, so it’s sad that I never got to fully meet the other members. I do not know how to integrate myself into Kaingin honestly. How does a freshman who entered Kaingin try to fit in? I still haven’t found the answer and I’m going to be a sophomore soon.

What I can say is this: even with my duties as ACheS’s VP for Documentations and as a student, I will try my best next year to make myself sort-of known in Kaingin. I want to be part of an amazing organization and I regret not doing that this school year. I sincerely hope you forgive me for such conduct, because I really believe Kaingin is something amazing deep down.


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