Less Than 10 Minutes

The first bell had rung, but there was a group in front still reporting. She tapped her foot impatiently, trying to hint the reporters that she had to be somewhere. The sound of the dismissal prompted her to quickly grab her bag and walk away. She had less than 10 minutes to get to her next destination and still have enough time to give a certain person a gift.

She weaved through the crowd, mentally cursing at those walking at turtle pace. She climbed the stairs, only to run into a set of people that she was hoping wouldn’t have seen her that day. However, she was already there, so she might as well inquire on a certain person’s whereabouts.

He was true to his word when he said he’d be there before the second bell, which thankfully hadn’t rung yet. She peered through the doorway and when he saw her, he didn’t hesitate to head towards the door. They both weren’t sure if their quick meet-up was done to keep their words, but it happened anyway. There was a quick exchange of words concerning Math out of all topics that could be tackled, but they were on a time limit.

And before anyone else they knew could see, she gave him a hug to which he reciprocated. The bell hadn’t rung when they had let go, but it was timely since an acquaintance appeared. There was still something toxic with what they were doing, but they were just fine with it. Anyway, they both didn’t care how people saw things.


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