Robotics;Notes 15 & 16: The Flags Are Set


“Why were you a filler, episode 15?” shouted Yashio, only to be replied with episode 16 hitting him smack in the balls.


After a week’s worth of contemplation, episode 15 might not be a filler, but it has a vibe of one; this might be due to the episode being too dragging. Episode 15 revolves around the last days of Airi in the Iru-O as she tells Yashio about the life of the real Airi — the Airi who met Kimijima Kou. The episode ends on a sweet note as virtual Airi gets her final wish of seeing snow on her birthday, courtesy of Frau Kojiro. This episode’s ending is a big contrast to that of episode 16. Moreover, episode 15 might just be the signal that starts a chain of flags that lead to the action and drama portion of Robotics;Notes.


The possible first flag that sets the major movement of the conspiracy is the completion of Gunvarrel version 2. Episode 16 opens up with the new robot taking its first steps in the hangar. However, the enthusiasm is short-lived since the girl supervisor (her name escapes me) orders them out to make way for a rocket launch within the following weeks. In addition, the episode closes with the Gunvarrel 2 slowly falling on Subaru.

My theory behind the sudden problem in Gunvarrel’s movements is the fact that the group used a monopole for its power. From previous episodes, the monopole has some connection with the possible death of the sun, which could be a marker that a big event is about to happen.


The second and probably most important flag in episode 16 is Mizuka’s death. Mizuka uses robotic legs, given by Misaki, which goes haywire in the last moments of the episode, which has a connection to the conspiracy (believe it or not).

The legs were from Exoskeleton, the company Misaki is part of, and the company has been in hot water if you recall the past episodes. In addition, the legs started moving on its own after hearing a certain tune, which was mentioned in the first episodes of Robotics;Notes, having a connection with the Committee of 300, who Kimijima Kou used to work for. The moment Mizuka was about to tell Yashio why he should stop searching for the reports, it rings. It may look like a coincidence, but with the direction Robotics;Notes is establishing, there is something more to it. Moreover, I wouldn’t be surprised if a string of deaths start occurring from this point on.


Even wind and a lifted skirt cannot faze Frau.


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