Saki: Achiga-Hen 13&14 – Let’s Talk About Non-Achiga Girls

Picture 10It is with that mentality that Saki was able to send Kiyosumi to Inter-High, but will it be enough? However, that cannot be answered in this series because she isn’t the star of this version— say what.

My love and passion for Mahjong began with the anime Saki— not this version. I love the first season especially the powers that are attributed to certain characters’ gameplay and the story behind each power. Achiga’s powers don’t stand out because they are simple— except Arata’s and, as hinted by Koromo in episode 14, Shizu’s— so I will be discussing the ones from those shown in the said episode.

Picture 4

Sumire Hirose holds the sergeant position of Shiratodai and from her demeanor, a player will quickly get a vibe that she is a threat. Her power is quite interesting because any person she targets, she is guaranteed to hit and while her teammates know that she has that power, they are unable to notice the tick that comes with it. It is the cluelessness of the other members that is outstanding since they should be knowing each other’s habits and quirks. If the tick didn’t exist, Sumire Hirose would be a formidable player in mahjong.

Picture 7

Takami Shibuya holds the lieutenant position of Shiratodai. Her mahjong power happens to be one of my favorites (as Arata’s is more of a style). The concept of creating your last hand piece by piece sounds excruciating, but if it is a guaranteed high return win, then I wouldn’t mind waiting and simply defending. That is how harvest time works and in the case of Shibuya, the harvest works concerning wind and dragon tiles. However, the more exciting waiting game power would be one that involves teamwork.

Picture 18

I swear, the scene above is not from some movie involving bondage. I like how the series tries to depict certain powers through backgrounds and extra items, but this pair has a lot of implications towards the power.

Mairu Shirouzu & Himeko Tsuruta make up the vice captain and captain positions, respectively, of Shindouji. Th duos powers are dependent on the wins that Mairu makes during her turn. Japanese mahjong uses a system that involves hans,which determine how high a player’s score can go. Mairu intentionally limits herself to a certain han at the beginning of a hand and if she wins the hand, it is guaranteed that Himeko will get double the han in the next game. Moreover, Himeko will not win any hand (or will have difficulty in doing so) if Mairu doesn’t win any hand. Thus, the duo pose some serious risk to the team if the game doesn’t go as planned.


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