Robotics;Notes 13& 14 – The Frau Overload

Partially back to writing episodic reviews though I’m writing entries once every two weeks. In addition, it’s only Robotics;Notes for this time since it’s my assignment on Population GO and I’ll be posting the unedited version.


Under immense emotional and psychological stress, hikkikomoris are sexually active- at least they give the illusion they do. Or maybe that’s just Frau’s defense mechanism.


Robotics;Notes episodes 13 & 14 revolve around the otaku/Internet speaker of the group, Frau Kojiro, and the events leading to her emotional downward spiral towards the suicidal territory. However, cutting yourself in a bath tub in a drained state only leads you to drowning— then being saved by a guy who strips you down. There is a lot to absorb from both episodes, especially episode 14 which tackles in the reasons behind Frau’s personality and building up of the conspiracy.


Frau’s hikkikomori nature is born from her passion to remember her mother. Amidst her derpy and perverted remarks, she is pushed by the idea that she should live up to what her mom made— Gunvarrel. That is the reason that she is adamant in upholding the true theme of Gunvarrel, which is love and courage— not human extinction. These reasons make me appreciate Frau as a character even more. Moreover, if you look at the characters within Robotics;Notes, she is the only one, so far, who has a background that has a connection to the conspiracy, briefly named Project Mars, being pushed by Robotics;Notes. It is as if she has more connection to Project Mars than the protagonist who has a bodily condition that still hasn’t been explained in relation to the conspiracy.


Since the material of Robotics;Notes is from a visual novel, it is usually up to the studio in charge to decide which details appear and which do not; this is especially important in regards to the conspiracy being built upon by the series. Production I.G. does a great job incorporating the conspiracy hints and details to the emotional situation Frau goes through. These hints appear in the form of brainwashing and robot manipulation. Moreover, hints coming from Misa, the sister of Aki, and Kimijima reports strongly hint that this conspiracy was prepared 5 years before the series. It is amazing how a dead person’s conspiracy unfolds 5 years after the death.


All in all, episodes 13 & 14 were entertaining episodes as it uses both character development and plot development simultaneously. Moreover, Robotics;Notes never forgets to remind us that the power of friendship can help out a misguided friend escape jail from the national police.


First kiss of the series right there (happened near the end of the episode)! Oh Frau, just admit that you’re frustrated.


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