Varied for a Reason

Picture 33This screencap has no relation to what I am about to talk about— actually it has some indirect correlation to it, but I am not quite sure if other people will perceive it from this post.

I have noticed that my blog is not as centered as people would perceive it to be. I will be honest to myself by saying that it has become slightly personal in the sense that there are posts drizzled with college decision problems & experiences, along with personal beliefs here and there. Yet, the otaku & writer side has continued to prevail amidst such posts, but it gets me wondering whether I am not getting as much “commenters” because I cannot stick to a topic.

Then it hit me.

My site’s tagline does make sense, A World of Infinite Possibilities. A person could be limited to talking about traveling or maybe food, but I know from my disposition that I cannot handle such constraints. Maybe that is how I see myself—filled with infinite possibilities. By being someone who continues to try new activities and gain experiences through college, I can show that the world is indeed filled with possibilities. In addition, I could continue satiating the otaku & writer side of me, because the world does not necessarily constitute a reality; it could also mean other worlds like the Internet realm or the TV-verse.

I think that is how this is supposed to work. Hopefully, it continues working.

In other depressing news that might have a few people wringing my necks for doing so, I have placed ToaD (Trials of a Dreamless) on indefinite hiatus. I believe it might work like Squadron One wherein leaving it for months would make the plot bunny return. If I were to force myself to finish it quickly, I do not think it will be filled with quality. One example would be how I forced myself to write chapter nine of the said series and it ended horribly in my opinion. Therefore, I think the hiatus is much needed until the plot bunny returns. Chances are chapter nine will be revamped because the events didn’t play out to my liking as I realized certain inconsistencies if I handled certain events.

In possibly good news, for those who were intrigued by the prologue of Mistimed Roommate, you will be happy to know that I am working on the first chapter. I believe my plot bunny decided to hop into that dimension for now because of a certain thick-rimmed eyeglasses dude that acted in such a manner that is meant to be documented. However, I am struggling on figuring out what will be the contents of chapter two, which is a sign that I never fully think of my plots.



In Population GO-related news, after posting the teaser for the Spring 2013 season on Facebook, there is a possibility that Anthony (sjakim) and I will be doing a collaboration piece concerning what to look out for from the series given. Anthony and I have “medium-high” compatibility on MAL, which I will just scoff at because I abhor a certain genre that he specializes in— slice of life (as based on the statistic above: mine- left, Anthony’s- right). However, I think he will be able to balance out my psychological and adventure preferences, which seem to be oozing in the incoming season. We are still uncertain if we can tackle such an endeavor, but it will be nice. If possible, we would even drag the other anime reviewers into it for extra fun.

Finally, I suggest you all watch Psycho-Pass because it is amazing and I am glad I am not covering the series on Population GO because I think I am going to butcher its awesomeness. Robotics;Notes isn’t a bad pick either, but it is not as interesting to watch as the former unless you are into conspiracy theories— we might just get along.


4 thoughts on “Varied for a Reason

  1. A couple years ago I asked the writers of The Nihon Review for advice on how to start a review site, and they said that the most important thing is commenting on other blogs to make yourself known, and being consistent with your updates.

    Narrowing down your focus is good so that you can attract readers from other blogs of relevant interest, although if writing about various things is what you want to get out of blogging, I wouldn’t worry too much about it; just try to find other blogs similar to your own.

    It’s also generally easier to come up with stuff to write about if you narrow it down, but as long you can update consistently you should be fine. (It’s why a team of writers usually do better with multi-subject blogs, since they can actually afford to spend a lot of time on each subject.)

    • True— consistency has always been a problem for me since academic & organization priorities have always taken my free time. Maybe that is the reason I never took off as a review site. That is consequently the reason I ended up in Population GO two years ago (and the priorities also being the reason behind my departure).

      I’ve been wondering how you manage the amount of review work you have. I know how it’s like to be helping Population GO at your age (16 right?) since I started at that age too.

      • It’s largely because I’m semi-homeschooled, and I have a relatively lax work load compared to public schools.

        I’m really scrupulous over my writings though, so it can take me up to three hours just to write a 300-500 word review. I’m trying to be more relaxed and organized so that I can just pump it out in an hour…

        So yeah, less that I’m good at managing my time and more that I can actually afford to spend three hours on a review.

      • Well that’s not true, I do actually manage my time:

        Since the subs to Sasami-san, Vividred, and Chihayafuru are released within a day of each other, I have it set to where I’ll write one review on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Once I can manage to write a review in an hour, I’ll try to write it all on Thursday and Friday.

        And unless I’m close to the deadline, I’ll wait until night to write a review, after I’ve taken care of my schoolwork or gotten back from town.

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