Sasami-san@Ganbaranai 1 – Hikkikomori or Sickness

Picture 10In essence, I am trying to return to episodic blogging and hoping that it’ll be consistent. I was supposed to talk about the two Noitamina series in this blog and leave the rest to my self-knowledge, but somehow Sasami-san@Ganbaranai snuck on me like capillary action of water to glass. Moreover, my Noitamina post will be just a comparison, so I think I should add one legit review, right? Or eff it, I suck at in-depth episodic analysis that I’ll just write this time cause the first episode attracted me.

Now I could talk about the relation between the characters and the animation, but Sorrows the Neptune has that covered, so I will just talk about my speculation behind Sasami’s hikkikomori-ness based on episode details— the randomness of the episode itself.

Picture 9The weakened state that Sasami goes through the moment she steps out the front door should be noted. Under most circumstances, a hikkikomori is produced when a person avoids leaving the house due to social circumstances that affected the person’s psychological stability— interaction or humiliation. Yet Sasami has the case wherein stepping out of the house causes her to go through some psychological-physical breakdown shown through swirls, black over white, and black & white scenes— promptly going through a timeskip with her groaning in bed as shown in the picture above. However, it is worth noticing that she says “I still can’t do it” in her second attempt of that day. There is a possibility that she had such attempts previously, which means that she couldn’t be a complete hikkikomori. There is a difference between laziness and that as the former is due to the lack of will or energy to attempt and action.

Yet it wouldn’t be fair to consider Sasami as completely lazy since she stalks her brother and goes through hikkikomori lengths to fuel her appreciation for her brother. There is something queer about their love as it looks one-sided since it’s the brother proclaiming the love yet Sasami fuels it through her appreciation. Then it connects that her brother is too dedicated to her that it reaches him being a slave in Sasami’s eyes. If you are given free and safe help, wouldn’t you take it? And as such, Sasami takes it, which could be why she is lazy rather than some hikkikomori. So when her slave-brother looks like the object of affection for other people, or maybe him just being an idiot, she steps out of her comforts to set him back— which fails like LOL, but props to her for trying. The mere action of trying to step out means that she isn’t scared of society— rather she is lazy and/or has a sickness.

Picture 7So what’s my conclusion? Based on the events, I believe that Sasami is sick with something rather than being a hikkikomori. Moreover, I believe that her sickness might have some connection to the chocolate overload fight that happened in the same episode that has no connection to what I assumed the series would be— Sasami being a stalker concerning her brother.

Plus, there must be some reason behind the fight of the three fighters— one having breasts that turned into a rocket launcher of sorts.

Picture 13


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