Piano Project: Wareta Ringo (Shinsekai Yori ED)

It looks like I’m back to playing the piano like legit learning pieces to play for the piano. All I’ve been doing recently was relearning pieces because damn, I’ve forgotten how to play them (such as This Love by Angela Aki & Creed’s Piano by Iwasaki Taku). That is still the case since I cannot find my This Love copy and I don’t want to print a new one (I’m stingy, kay?).

Shinsekai Yori is one of the series I’m carrying over from the Fall season of anime. The series is spectacularly written and oozing with mystery. The viewer knows there is something wrong in the utopian town, but will the protagonists do something about it? The series only has an ending song (ED) entitled Wareta Ringo and it’s so catchy that when I stumbled upon Tehister’s transcription of it, I knighted it as my newest piano project.

Well, at least after I finish this one.

I swear the refrain part of Ichiban no Takaramono is filled with extra aesthetic notes that it’s difficult to time it. I also suck at arpeggios big time and prefer chords. However, the song is insanely beautiful that I just need to finish learning the piece along with the proper-ish timing (another skill I suck at).

Transcription is credited to the owners of videos because that’s where I always get the pdf copy.


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