MR: Prologue

Story Title: Mistimed Roommate
Story Summary: A collection of guide notes— How again did I find myself sharing an apartment with two similar but different male specimens and ultimately sleeping in the bed of the girl I like? Sometimes I wonder what goes through my head when I finalize such decisions.
Disclaimer: I swear to finish Trials of a Dreamless before I post the real first chapter of this series. Also, first story of 2013 right here!
Rating: T (bordering M for future chapters)
Style: First Person POV with snippets of Third Person.
Status: MS Word Beta’d

My name is Mikage Kise and through a string of events, I found myself sharing an apartment with the two male best friends of the girl I like. I do not know what part of their mind decided that it was a good idea to take me in, but the accommodations were better than what Hayate had offered me—a stock room turned bedroom. As long as I paid my share of the water, electricity, and food expenses, I could stay at apartment 504. It was better than rushing to find my own place and paying everything on my own. It was a win-win situation except for one problem— I’ll be sleeping in her room.

The duo, Lavi and Shun, had forgotten to mention that single important detail to me before I moved in. It was to my surprise when I found a lacy red dress conveniently laid out on one of the beds as if it was waiting for its wearer. Immediately, I interrogated them as to what sick joke they were trying to pull only to have told me that it was Kaylie’s and that some of her stuff were still in that room in case she returned to the apartment— leaving me with two mental bullet points.

  1. I have somehow landed myself in a sticky, awkward, and messy situation.
  2. And my stay might have a time limit.

So again, my name is Mikage Kise and this is my slowly increasing guide on how to make one’s stay at apartment 504 as stress-free as possible. Note: crudity of language will slowly become a norm because as of now, I am close to wringing their necks as they talk about number theory for the nth time since I moved in. Great— it’s getting to me already.


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