Fall 2013 Noitamina: Did I Just Break My Noitamina Rule?

Ailia’s Noitamina Rule — The viewer will only be interested in one Noitamina series in a season and that series is extensively followed. For example, between Bunny Drop and No.6, the viewer picks Bunny Drop to extensively follow for the duration of the season. In the event of dual interests at the beginning of the season, there is a chance that the viewer will give up on one series midway. For example, the viewer is interested in both Un-Go and Guilty Crown at the beginning. However, due to plot development, the viewer’s interest towards Guilty Crown diminishes and drops the series midway.

I started on Robotics;Notes first in case I would be able to write Population GO reviews for it. I appreciated the series for its pacing and its ability to distract people from the 5pb. presence prevalent in 5pb. Visual Novels turned anime. However, I realize that I am horrible with due dates, so I opted to not give my services this time.

MAL, on the other hand, decides to suggest to me to watch Psycho-Pass. Now I was hesitant at first because I have a Noitamina rule, but when Psycho-Pass’s reviews say that it’s similar to Ghost in the Shell, I was sold— completely.

Forgot to take a shot for Robotics;Notes

Forgot to take a shot for Robotics;Notes

After 11 episodes of both Robotics;Notes and Psycho-Pass (22 episodes in total), I have not lost interest in either, which is strange considering the last time I tackled two Noitamina’s, I dropped one after 6 episodes (a.k.a Guilty Crown’s beach scene). However, I get this strange feeling that I will be dropping Robotics;Notes midway through Winter 2013 season because of its plot development.

Factors Affecting Whether The Series Will Be Followed



~ Slow Pacing: Eleven episodes in and no explicit sign who the antagonist is~ Conspiracy: The series manages to piece information together in order to show that there is indeed some conspiracy on the island and not just weird occurrences~ Dream & Will Dependent: The series tackles the importance of continuing the dreams of others and that progress can only be done through one’s self and other like-minded/willed people. ~ Antagonist Development: The episodes were used to flesh out the personality and crime style of the anime’s antagonist~ Psychological Ethics: The last episode manages to point out that the system in determining who is good or bad is indeed flawed.~ Technological Dependence: Related to Psychological Ethics. The flawed system causes those working with such technology to be too system-dependent unable to act on will.


Genre: Science Fiction & Thriller (slight Psychological)

Theme: Heavy on the use of Technology

Aren’t tables amazing for noting differences? Therefore, I will start this Noitamina segment in case I find myself in the same predicament of following both Noitamina series in a season. It’ll be a comparison of what happened in both Noitamina series during a week.


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