Dennou Coil

Picture 3

A high school classmate of mine suggested that I watch Dennou Coil, which was 4 years ago. After 4 years of arduous and serendipitous searching, I watched Dennou Coil in one sitting. Staying in bed while watching Dennou Coil at 3am can be considered hazardous and ill-beneficial to one’s health, but I didn’t mind because Dennou Coil was worth it.

You happen to move to a new city; coincidentally, another person also does. Coincidentally, both of you have the same first name. However, that person hates your guts and you don’t know why. In addition, you’ve met her brother who she is possessive about— and in a parallel word. Throw in a scientifically progressed world wherein glasses can be connected to one’s consciousness AND a conspiracy; voila, you’ve just found yourselves in Dennou Coil.

Dennou Coil does a splendid job in both character and plot development to a degree that the developments are intertwined. As a result, the emotional depth that the series drags its watcher into a different emotional dimension. Often times, a show would dedicate an episode for plot development and another for just character development. However, that isn’t how Dennou Coil goes about— a character is guided to a certain development due to a plot development.

Picture 6An example would be the relationship between Yasako and Densuke. At the start of the series, it is shown that Densuke is Yasako’s AI pet that was a gift from her grandfather. Under that scenario, it is expected that Yasako continuously thinks of Densuke’s well-being and tries to alleviate the suffering that Densuke goes through. However, Yasako is unable to protect Densuke when they are attacked by illegals because Densuke ended up pushing them away from Yasako to give her time to run away. In the last episode, it is discovered that Densuke was meant to be Yasako’s guardian. It’s touching because the duo’s relationship is clearly expressed in the last episode. Moreover, a viewer is given a thrilling feeling because he is able to understand and sense the connection.

Picture 4Another example could be the identity of 4423. The identity of 4423 has been a key component towards the character development of Isako and the plot development of Dennou Coil. Who exactly is 4423 who is called yon-yon-ni-san? The series settles the initial identity of 4423 in the first few episodes, but as the conspiracy surrounding the Dennou Coil is unraveled, so does the true identity of 4423. The series assures the viewers that the person behind 4423 is being treated for an illness. In addition, the doctor attempting to cure the illness is Dr. Okonogi, the grandfather of Yasako— who is dead when the series begins.

Overall, Dennou Coil is a series worth watching because of the well-thought development in both the characters and the plot. In addition, the anime series leaves its viewers with a feeling of melancholic happiness. It’s a superb series that I think everyone should watch at least once in their lifetime.



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