Ten Days of 2012 #5: Fanfiction

Today was a great year concerning my submissions on Fanfiction.net. I am inefficient when it comes to writing multiple chaptered fiction— shown by my irregular periods of publishing Trials of a Dreamless— but I continue to write one-shots or “short stories” since it uses up one chapter only.

This year I was happy.

First off, the one-shot I wrote for the Legend of Korra fan domain, entitled Curiosity, got more than 30 reviews, which is rare for one-chaptered stories and to occur in less than 2 months. My best friend told me that it could be due to the title of the story, but is it merely the title that gets so many reviews?

However, that is nothing compared to the second one-shot I wrote for the Legend of Korra fan domain that received half the number of reviews in comparison to Curiosity’s. It was the quality of the review I got, which states:

I really love how you wrote angsty Korra. She was brooding but never lost her spunk. And the same goes for Tahno. The interaction between the two is so, so precious. As a reader, I can clearly see how they become each other’s support through their playful bickering. You kept them so much in character that I can picture it clearly happening in my mind. And I think that’s one of the biggest accomplishment a fic writer can achieve: making things look real.

It gave me that push towards writing stories— in the sense that it made me believe in myself more. I’ve been on a fan fiction hiatus due to other thing— Trials of a Dreamless & another original story— but that’s due to my lack of ideas for something to write.


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