Winter Season 2013 Picks

When I started watching anime, I based what I should watch from suggestions of friends or classmates who’ve been watching longer than me. While backtracking has its benefits and such, I’ve always liked waiting for a series or following a series— it gave me a sense of thrill. There’d be season previews over the internet whenever a new season is about to start and I’ve always found myself looking at that chart for “what to watch.” The problem though is if most of the series catch your attention, there won’t be enough time to watch all of them.

That’s when I go to Cart Driver.

He goes deeper to the material and checks out whose behind the production of each series and from the production team, he bases whether a series is worth following or not. So far, his suggestions have been spot on— except for Guilty Crown; that was a fluke. I’ve decided to return to anime watching through the Winter 2013 season. It’ll be the easiest season to return to watching anime to because there aren’t a lot of great and interesting series in the Winter season.

My list choices this year for new series would be:

  1. Sasami-san@Ganbaranai
  2. Encouragement of Climb

Tentative: Hankkenden, Tamako Market, Love Live! School Idol Project, Amnesia, Kotoura-san

Choices for series remakes or sequels:

  1. Chihayafuru season 2
  2. AKB0048 Next Stage

Yep, I was totally right on the whole “Winter season is crap.” There are only two new series that got my attention, based on Scamp’s comments and five that are in an “on-hold” status. Encouragement to Climb sounded like a “feel good” series probably a good way to slowly return and readjust to my anime life. Sasami-san@Ganbaranai got my attention because of Shaft, Shinbo, and hikikomori— not kidding. My fangirling towards Shinbo works— he’s just so quirky.

As for the five, it’ll depend on the initial content. My worry for Amnesia and Hankkenden is that there’ll be too many bishies, a “klutzy” girl, and boring story-telling. If Tamako Market can work like how K-On! did, I’ll probably continue to follow it. I was never a fan of “cute girls doing cute things,” but some have managed to amuse me from time-to-time. Kotoura-san would depend on the gags the series has since it was originally a 4-koma manga. As for Love Live! School Idol Project, it’ll really depend if it can outshine AKB0048 Next Stage this season— I can handle only one idol-intensive series per season— and AKB0048 Next Stage is priority.

For sequels, I love the first season of Chihayafuru and the characterization of the series was done well, so watching season 2 is a no brainer. As for AKB0048 Next Stage, I am hoping that Nagisa and Chieri go through actual character development or I will fucking rage quit on the series. If only the last episode of AKB0048 didn’t exist, I would have good thoughts towards the series— but fuck episode 13.


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