QX: Prologue

Story Title: Quantum x Xenon (Code: QX)
Chapter Title: Prologue
Fan Domain: Legend of Korra
Summary: Quantum and Xenon were always at odds— if they were country superpowers, World War 3 would’ve already begun. || It was just a boy— she had worked with numbers of them, but somehow, this one gave off a different vibe.
Disclaimer: Quantum x Xenon will be the first multichaptered fanfic I’ve ventured into after my Online Games Love mishap. Hopefully, I finish this one and everything goes well— considering it started as an original story.
Status: Un-beta’d.

For the first time in months, he found himself taking the public transportation. The ban of such means of transport from his younger brother due to a slip up resulted to him loathing private transportation. Public transportation gave him the sense of freedom— away from the clutches of demanding standards that suffocated him to no end. Where he was actually heading, he had no clue. Getting off at an unfamiliar station opened him to a new adventure— that day was no different, but more eventful than it should have been.

He was contemplating on what station to get off to start his adventure. Suddenly, a shadow was cast over him, cutting his train of thought. He looked up to see someone in front of him, holding on to a handle for support. He was supposed to check the gender of the person, but that checking out reached a whole new level— it would for any guy in his position.

Standing in front of him was a girl. Now, the encounter may sound cliché, but that’s how his adventure started. He didn’t know the girl; that was for sure. She was clad in black shorts that reached mid-thigh. She was wearing a navy blue hoodie that covered most of her body— even the head. However the girl’s eyes were the ones that ultimately caught his attention. They were in a lovely shade of blue that would be great watching shine, if it weren’t clouded with sadness— for that was what he saw in her eyes as he continued gazing into them. He was perfectly aware that he had overstepped his boundaries by staring at her— a girl he never knew. But what came next, no matter how cliché it was, happened.

Her downcast head and eyes slightly looked up and met his. The eyes transformed into ones of surprise and awe. She was looking back at him to the point she was also staring. That was how it stayed for the remainder of the train ride, which lasted around a minute. When the conductor announced through the PA the arrival to a certain station, the girl’s gaze broke off. It was as if she was awoken from a dream through means of reality— a stressed one to boot. The moment the doors opened, the girl dashed off— of course, dropping a trinket unknowingly.

The boy picked it up with some hesitation. Should he chase the girl? He took a look at the trinket. The buzzer rang and by impulse, he got off the train as quickly as he could. Looked like his adventure was going to start there— in a station called Equila.

She knew she was screwed the moment she got on the train. She had overstayed at her friend’s house— of course, just hanging out. She went out without permission, even when she knew she had an appointment. Sadly and as expected, she was late for it. She knew she would be reprimanded once she arrived on set— for both leaving without permission and going out in public. Well, it wasn’t like she was seen— the old baggy sweater did a great job in covering both her hair and face. As long as she kept looking down, no one would notice her.

Everything was going as planned. The train she took would take her directly to the station near the studio. Waiting for her at the studio, undoubtedly, would be her manager. Well, it was to be expected— the set of the project was at a company called Equalist— a company known to be neutral in the modeling world. The family that owned the company was neutral— unable to pick sides. But the opposing factions of the industry still respected the family’s neutrality because they knew how to get the job done— both quickly and skillfully.

She felt like someone was looking at her. Did someone notice who she was? She would be screwed if that happened. She told himself she’d look up quickly— quickly, she emphasized to herself. She must make sure to keep her head down at all costs. But that didn’t go as planned when the person actually staring at her was the boy in front of him. It was just a boy— she had worked with numbers of them, but somehow, this one gave off a different vibe.

A vibe that she couldn’t help but feel attracted to— like a moth to the light—partner that with calm looking eyes that looked like as if it couldn’t fazed by anything that stood in his way. She didn’t feel the typical love at first sight, but maybe, a simple like at first sight. He looked different from those she had met, but maybe that’s due to him not putting off a high and mighty attitude— cocky at its worst. He gave off the aura that he had achieved the epitome of balance.

The voice of the conductor woke her up from her thoughts. The train had arrived at the station, which meant no more time to waste. She dashed out of the train, quickly heading up the platform’s stairs to get to the studio— with hopes that her hair remained unscathed.


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