ToaD-8: Infiltration

Story Title: Trials of a Dreamless
Chapter Title: Infiltration
Chapter Snippets: Control- that was what kept her from breaking quickly, but with the lack of control, she could feel herself slipping. || Deja vu— that was an unnatural number of times he has heard different people tell him that Ailia still liked him. || Well… now what?
Disclaimer: One semester has passed since my last update. Ateneo life has taken over my writing time, but after a wake up call from my best friend that there’s a certain chapter I should finish, I made it a point to finish it before my birthday. Well, it’s the month of my birthday and before it. What a better time to post this considering that certain best friend of mine is struggling to keep up with his academics. Here’s a reward for you— you deserve it.
Status: Unbeta’d (Feel free to comment on errors)

She felt a shiver down her spine for the third time that hour. She never liked the feeling of her nerves being played around by some device or person. She honestly had no idea what was causing her to feel such shivers. Maybe she was told the possible causes before, but she had probably fallen asleep in that class. It wasn’t just her nerves that were getting affected, but, to a degree, her whole body. It was like her intestines were being turned inside out; her arms felt tingling cold pricks that resembled the feeling of pins and needles. It made her cringe and want to puke.

She tried to get a grip of herself. She took in deep breathes and kept her eyes closed. Everything was going to be okay, hopefully. She was never one to hope because it meant that she wasn’t in control. Control- that was what kept her from breaking quickly, but with the lack of control, she could feel herself slipping. It wasn’t the emotional slip that most people would attribute ‘slipping’ to but a mental slip. She had been used to plans that a diversion messed it up. Getting herself kidnapped messed up her plans. She could be living a normal ‘Dreamless’ teenager’s life, which may or may not consist of the follies of love. She could be playing out the ‘schedule’ that she had made- except that wasn’t the case.

Here she was, still stuck in a blank white room with anxiety taking control. She never thought about diverting from her plans (or her parents’ plan), but with the lack of anything to do, all she did was think. She thought she’d come up with hilarious make-believe stories that were worthy for children’s books, but no. She found herself in a loop of “why’s” and “how’s” about her own life. She plopped on the bed, diving her face into the sheets. She wanted to get out and have everything return to normal.

So he had momentarily lost consciousness. Okay, maybe more than just a moment, but he swore he felt ropes chaffing his wrists. He was being manhandled— that he was certain of. The position of his body hanging loosely partnered with a sharp poke to his stomach defined his state of uncomfortable. He opened his eyes to get away from the darkness, but was met by the same thing. Not only was he being manhandled, but he was inside something. A sack? The jolt made by the carrier caused a portion of the sack to rub against his hand. It was rough, geometrically-patterned, and had a bit of light coming from the bottom (now that he noticed); he was definitely in a sack.

So phase 1 of the plan definitely worked out considering he found himself in a sack. He had been captured and was on his way to the hideout of the perpetrator. Why was he being docile about it anyway? Ah right— he was bait. He can’t force his way out of the predicament or they wouldn’t be able to find Ailia. Now that he thought about it, he also wasn’t allowed to move because his capturer would find out and who knew what other conniving tricks his capturer would have. Yup— definitely better to do nothing at all.

“Blaz, status report.”

“Following the culprit, sir. The suspect is being cautious and has been going in circles for the past half hour,” replied the invisible member.

“Could you have been compromised?” Chief Dalv wondered.

“Unsure sir,” hesitantly said Blaz. “He’s been only looking left and right.”

“Train, check the distance between the target and Blaz,” ordered the girl chief. Train quickly replied with an exact value of 45 meters.

“There is a level 4 nullification user in Peristalia City,” explained the Chief Leijona. “Level 4 nullification has an effective radius of 60 meters, but…” Her explanation was cut midway when Chief Dalv order Blaz to move 15 meters back. However, silence replied him. The crackles from static worried the people in the control room. Did something happen to Blaz? Then the thought was answered with the sound of Blaz’s voice.

“Sorry sir. My earpiece fell,” reasoned Blaz. The incessant cackles received was enough proof that Blaz was adjusting the earpiece as securely as possible. “How far should I move, chief?”

“Just watch the suspect from where you are. I’ll tell you when to move,” answered Chief Dalv.

When Train threw a nod towards Chief Dalv’s direction, Chief Dalv ordered Blaz to maintain Blaz’s perceived distance. As if magic, the improvised order had an effect on the suspect’s actions. The previously systematic moves disintegrated and the suspect was forging a new route. The reaction to the change astounded Chief Dalv and Train, but to Chief Leijona, that had other connotations. It couldn’t be; it shouldn’t be— but it was. She urgently beckoned JS’s appearance and within a matter of minutes, which seemed like eternity for the said chief, JS arrived with wonder etched on his face.

Before the lanky boy could question his needed presence, Chief Leijona asked him, “Where is Sir PJ?”

JS found the question odd. How was Sir PJ part of the case? He was used to hearing Chief Leijona interrogate people with nerve-crunching questions related to the case. The question he had been asked didn’t sound like the girl chief. However, he was obligated to answer as truthfully as possible. “He isn’t on campus. It’s his weekly day off today.”

“You said weekly,” clarified Chief Leijona, to which JS nodded in response. “Is it always on this day of the week?”

“Yeah…,” trailed JS. “It’s weird though,” commented JS. “He asked for the weekly day off just this school year after 3 years of not having one. I had thought that he had given up on his semi-underground research.” The mention of the words semi-underground research caused the heads of the members in the control room to face JS’s direction. “I think I wasn’t supposed to say that,” mumbled JS.

“Let me get the details straight,” suggested Chief Dalv. “There is a level 4 nullification user, who is the suspected kidnapper. However, there is only one person with that power in Peristalia City. If I’m assuming right, this, Sir PJ, is the level 4 nullification user; thus our kidnapper is a professor in the system. Did I get the details right?”

“Yes, Chief Dalv,” replied Chief Leijona. “However, the cause for concern now is Sir PJ’s research. The research has been placed on hold due to the side effects it has on the test subjects.”

Side effects? The word caused Chief Dalv to sweat. It wasn’t only him with that bad feeling; Train also worried when he heard the words. If Ailia had been kidnapped by this person to become a guinea pig, then she’d be in harm’s way. What were these side effects? He didn’t want to lose a best friend, especially one that connected with him on so many levels— a friend like that is difficult to come by. He prayed for her safety; he was only a skilled hacker, so he couldn’t help her directly. It was up to the operation team to make sure she didn’t feel those side effects.

“It’s just a hunch, but on what days were the other kidnappings?” Chief Leijona asked, but it sounded more like an order.

“Ma’am, they either happened on a Saturday or Friday night.” One of the intelligence division members said. “Today is a Saturday too, ma’am.”

“I see.” Chief Leijona said. “Today’s event was coincidentally set on a Saturday to create a bigger audience. I never thought the day had importance.”

“Well, no use thinking about it. Right now, we have a Dreamless operative locked up as a test subject and our bait, who isn’t a Dreamless, that will follow suit.” Chief Dalv stated to break the tension. “JS, tell the Infiltration Team to start preparing. We’ll be leaving as soon as Blaz confirms the location.”

“Yes sir!”

She still found the outfit incredibly flimsy and thin, like she was exposed. Adding to that feeling is that lilac never looked good on her— or anything purple or violet in general. However, she did appreciate how she could twirl and see a skirt bubble whenever she did. She liked those kinds of dresses: flowing ones. The feeling of the cloth brushing on the skin and then disappearing, it gave her the feeling of space and security. She still didn’t like how thin the cloth was, but she felt better than when she was still wearing her promenade dress.

Enough about that though, she was aware that her captor had returned from wherever he went. Just as announced, four hours have passed since the announcement about food was made and a few minutes ago, the speakers cackled with an announcement concerning the same thing. With that, she had deduced that he captor had gone somewhere on what her body clock deemed to be a Saturday afternoon. Well, she was following whether the announcement four hours ago would occur as planned because an hour after the announcement, she felt her stomach growl. She disliked how she ate so little, but she had to have food every 2-3 hours. She felt like such a pig in that manner.

She found it scary how she was nonchalant about the situation. Few days ago, she was frantic and scared to her wit. Yes, she finally admitted to herself that she wasn’t worried, but she was scared. Those hours spent just on thinking made her realize that. She was putting up a brave front and words of assurance to mask how she was really feeling- afraid. She was afraid of uncertainty and the unknown. By realizing this, she managed to let go of the masks and fronts she had put up. Whatever will come after her will do so. She might as well deal with it in terms of her present situation.

Then she felt another shiver. Sadly, she still hadn’t figured out how to deal with that reaction.

He was aware that he was being laid down on some surface— a table perhaps. He heard clinging to his left, which wasn’t a good sign in his given situation. The clinging didn’t cease and it felt like the ultimate doom, the answer to his wonder, wouldn’t be reached. It was agony— suspense in a way, but that’s how torture is. However, should he be thankful that the torture was psychological?

The clinging suddenly stopped much to his relief. It made him feel even better when he didn’t feel a metallic object penetrate through his body. However, he shivered. A shiver? He didn’t feel cold or anything, but he mentally felt the turning of his intestines inside out. He felt his senses dwindling in capability and accuracy. His already darkened vision was becoming darker. Was he… was he going to pass—

The Infiltration team was on its way to the hideout. Blaz had confirmed that the location of the hideout. Using Blaz’s coordinates, the team was certain that the location Blaz was at coincided with the beacon Ailia had sent out. Therefore, the team knew they were in the correct spot. The chiefs had ordered Blaz to stay within range of the hideout and monitor any suspicious activity that occurred outside while waiting for the Infiltration team to arrive.

The Infiltration team consisted of the following: JS, Teito, Mai, a girl named Iris, and Blaz who was waiting for their arrival. The girl, Iris, was wearing a white flowing dress abd sat at the far end of the boat looking at the ripples of the water. She would glance at the others from time-to-time, but only to give them a small nod or a smile. She was the quiet and looked like she wouldn’t hurt a fly. When Mai had inquired if she really acted that way, JS simply nodded. JS further explained that Iris was in her outgoing mode in that case, which made Teito and Mai wonder how she’ll be able to help out in the infiltration. JS assured them that Iris would be of use to them when they got to the hideout. The two Academy City Dreamless were skeptical.

The hideout of the professor was at the outlying area of Peristalia city. It was situated by the landlocked Atria lake. It was an odd place to place a hideout, but at least the team knew where to go. It’s not like the location of the hideout mattered to them. Their main goal was to rescue the captives. Extra goals on their list were to ensure that Sir PJ didn’t escape and that the hideout wouldn’t burn down. The chiefs probably had the well-being of the environment in mind when they had set that standard. However, that concern didn’t trump getting the captives to safety.

The ride was long and Teito found the silence a bit too eerie. He needed to converse with someone, but who? He obviously didn’t want to converse with JS, especially when he (Teito) recalled the events that happened for the duration of ASA System Week. He had two choices left: Mai or Iris. Mai it was! However, when he spotted Mai, she was talking with JS. Okay- so much for that option of his. He glanced at the back, seeing Iris still looking at the mini waves the boat formed as it moved. Should he?

Blaz had uncloaked himself the moment he was sure that the culprit entered the building. He was tired from his espionage endeavors also known as his stalking skills. Should it really be called stalking skills even if it was his power? Maybe stalking skills was a negative connotation of his power. He had bought a magazine more than half an hour ago in order to blend in with the surroundings, but he still stood out like a sore thumb. The heavy breathing and trickling droplets of sweat didn’t match the actions one would do in a breezy area. The sun wasn’t even shining brightly or at least to the point that causes a person to sweat.

Blaz was tired; that was for certain. The hideout was further out of the city’s hub that the tall brick buildings decreased in number as he continued to follow the culprit out. He had to find a way to follow the culprit once the culprit rode the getaway boat. Luckily, a boat that was passing by scratched the side of the getaway boat. It caught the culprit’s attention and there’s was an argument about the scratch. It allowed Blaz to sneak into the boat— hiding under the seats at the very back. Apparently, the culprit argued in a loud voice and was very expressive that the voice and movements from the culprit shielded the sound and movement of Blaz as he got on the boat. In general, Blaz was tired from the worry that’ll he’d get caught. It was the psychological or emotional kind of tired that can translate itself into bodily responses.

A loud squeaking sound caught Blaz’s attention. Blaz peered over the magazine to get a glimpse of what was making such an irritating sound.

There was a man pushing a cart containing crates towards the culprit’s warehouse. The cart was riding too low, which caused the squeaking to prevail. If the cart was carrying a load of appropriate weight, the sound it’d be making is simply the friction of the wheels against the ground. Squeaking denoted that the axels of the cart’s wheels are being strained. Whatever were in those crates, they were heavier than the cart’s carrying capacity.

Blaz cloaked himself and neared the man, who was conversing with a woman who had exited the warehouse.

“Here are the 10 e-shells Sir PJ needs,” mentioned the man. The he asked, “Is he hoarding e-shells?”

The woman replied in a whisper. “He’s executing the final phase of his research.”

“I thought—”

The woman quickly cut the man. “Hush. We don’t know who is listening. Come in.”

As the man pushed the cart into the warehouse, Blaz heard what sounded like something important. “Who’s the guinea pig?”

Before Blaz could hear the name, the door swished closed, muffling the voice of the woman.

In the end, he decided to converse with Iris— or so he assumed he’d do. He was merely sitting beside the blonde-haired girl who seemed to not mind his presence. He didn’t know how to start a conversation with someone he hadn’t met before. He glanced at Iris’s posture and she continued looking at the ripples.

“Do you like the water?” Teito attempted to start. The question surprised the girl that she awkwardly shifted in response. Great— that wasn’t the best reaction to get.

“N-not the water,” stuttered Iris. She looked at Teito. “I like ripples.” She clearly said with a small smile.

“Why?” Teito inquired. He felt some achievement that the conversation was going somewhere. At least he found out that the girl replied when asked a question.

“They’re pretty.” She simply said. It put Teito off for a bit until she continued. “Something causes it to occur and the ripples have no choice but to go with the flow. People should just go with the flow; it causes less problems in this world.”

“But there wouldn’t be great people in this world if everyone just went with the flow,” said Teito as a rebuttal.


Then silence engulfed them. What was with single-worded replies? The mere existence of such replies leads to nowhere— like stale bread. Crap, why did he think of bread out of all things? It’s not like he was constantly hungry; that was a typical Ailia characteristic. Eat in small amounts, but occasionally— then again, that could be the reason why Ailia was thin amidst food splurging.

“W-who is this Ailia girl?” Iris inquired through a stutter. “For you guys to go through such lengths for her, she must be incredibly important.”

“Ailia is a Dreamless core member. She’s just amazing in her job and she rarely asks anything in return. Everyone on the Dreamless team back at Academy City respects her. Then again, that could be from her choice to continue staying on the core team amidst having a dream.”

“M-maybe that’s why you’re saving her. She has a dream” Iris stated.

“For the others that might be the case. For me, it isn’t. She was the first girl to try getting close to me in high school. She’s really special to me,” corrected Teito.

“S-sounds to me that you like her,” pointed out Iris. Teito threw a questioning look at her. She just smiled. “Trust me. I know sense it.”

“I don’t understand you.”

“Of course, you wouldn’t! This is our first time meeting and you just happen to pour out information pertaining to the subject in question. Either you’re a really open person or you’re really confused. Based from your attempt to start a conversation with me, I figured you weren’t the type to start conversation. Thus, the first option is invalid.” Iris smoothly explained.

Teito was shocked. He initially wanted to avoid silence, but he didn’t want to trade that for a mental analysis. He had to give the girl some credit. She managed to figure out how he was feeling in a span of a short conversation.

“She probably has some feelings for you if she has managed to stay by your side for so long.” Iris finally added to ice the cake.

Deja vu— that was an unnatural number of times he has heard different people tell him that Ailia still liked him.

She sneezed. Rather than believing the idea that someone was talking about her, she believed that he sneeze was caused by the temperature of the room. If the temperature of the room made her sneeze, it clearly proved that the dress she was wearing was too thin.

“To the following test subjects, please step into your respective pods: 2-07, 3-06, 4-05, 5-13, 6-12.” clearly said the voice from the speaker.

That was the first time that the speaker didn’t cackle during her captivity. Was it a sign that something big was going to happen? That and the fact her captor actually named specific subjects gave her the idea that whatever she was entering wasn’t going to be the same as that of her first time.

She clenched the amulet around her neck as she looked back. Her foot was in the pod and the other was still in the white room. She didn’t like the whiteness of the room at the beginning, but somehow, as she looked back, the color wasn’t bad. It reminded her of cloud and maybe, heaven. She took one more look at the room. Her torn promenade dress was on the bed and it great contrasted the white walls. The tray of her last meal seemingly merged with the plain walls. She smiled softly. Would that be the last view she’ll ever see? It wasn’t bad, but it certainly wasn’t that great either. It was just neutral- normal perhaps. What she wanted to be.

Shouma woke up to find himself in a black space. When he stretched out his arm, he immediately hit metal, making him cringe. He continued feeling his surroundings to have an idea where he was. He certainly was in a container, some sort of pod. He sighed— great. He didn’t sign up to be some lab experiment, but that must’ve secretly come with the contract he had agreed to when he agreed to be bait.

What was the last power he had grabbed upon? He decided to check. However, no matter what movement or gesture he made, nothing happened. That was strange on its own. Was the last power he attained something that occurred outside his confinement? Or had he just lost it all together?

Then he felt the shiver again. He sighed— time to get myself knocked out.

They had finally arrived at the area where the hideout was. Blaz waved at the team as they got off the boat. JS tied the boat to the deck while Teito escorted the girls out of the boat. Mai quickly hugged Blaz, who reciprocated the action. Iris glanced at Teito and mouthed the word ‘couple’ to which Teito simply nodded in reply. Iris simply shrugged before scanning her surroundings.

“The team is complete now, Chief Leijona & Chief Dalv,” said JS.

“Excellent,” exclaimed Chief Dalv and continued to explain the situation. “Train has been hacking into the hideout’s mainframe to figure out the layout of the place. Not much has turned up besides the presence of an energy-heavy chamber and boxes. We’re basically entering blindfolded, which isn’t the best thing to do in an infiltration attempt.”

Teito mumbled ‘no shit’ which was almost inaudible. That earned him a soft jab at the stomach from Mai who had heard his mumbling.

“Blaz and Iris will be the first to enter. Blaz will scout the inside while Iris unlocks what is necessary. Mai, JS, and Teito, the three of you will follow after. Understood?”

“Yes sir!”

Blaz led the way towards the hideout. Teito glanced at his surroundings; it was too quiet. Something was up.

“Sir PJ, are you sure you should be the one doing it?”

“It’s my research. Consider the fact that when the thing goes haywire, I’m not affected by it.”


“Ms. Alice, you’re the best in your field. I’m certain you can handle it.”

“It’s still not safe.”

“When has this research ever been safe?”

As Iris worked her magic, JS told the team what the experiment Sir PJ was working on. Teito couldn’t help but ball his hands into a fist. So that’s what Ailia was going through? He was disgusted at the mere thought of Ailia’s power being sucked right out of her. Not only that, she had to give up one of the two things that characterized a dreamer as such.

“Got it,” softly said Iris.

When the door swished open, Blaz quickly cloaked himself and entered the facility. He led the way while Iris followed after him. The three members left stuck with each other as they followed Iris from behind. As long as the two members in front of them were safe, then they should be (unless someone caught them from behind).

Iris relayed to the others that Blaz confirmed the coast clear for next set of corridors. The three combat-based Dreamless let their guard down by a bit. Mai took a look around for any suspicious quirks.

Actually, everything seemed suspicious to the stoic girl.

The pure white walls gave the feeling that the corridors would never end. There wasn’t a single door in sight, which made the team wonder if there was even life in such a place. Mai’s eyes drifted until she found an area that legitimately was out of place. It was a small detail that could’ve gone unnoticed by an untrained eye, but that was the thing— she was trained. The illusionary white wall appeared to have a break at one of the bottom corners. Mai inspected the inconsistency and wondered if the “break” had some sort of significance. Upon nudging the break, it squeaked as it got pushed back. It was an opening to something!

Mai bent to the level of the opening- an action that didn’t go unnoticed by the group. Her head made contact with floor as her eyes peered through the rectangular-shaped break. The sight greatly caught her attention.

Just like the outside, the inside was fully covered with white walls. However, there were also two things that stood out— a bed and a pod? Well, it looked like a pod to her that could have some connection to whatever crazy ass experiment was happening at her current location. Then it occurred— she saw a pair of feet coming down from the bed. There was a person in that place?!

She stepped back and tried to find a door of some sort. She kept tapping the wall like some madman, but still, she felt nothing out of the ordinary.

“Mai… what are you doing?” Teito courageously asked.

Mai stopped tapping. Right— she hadn’t told the others what she discovered. She must’ve looked crazy with the stunt she pulled.

“There’s someone in here. I’m trying to look for a door,” replied Mai.

“Have you tried asking the person in there?” JS suggested.

Right— she should’ve just acquired such an information from the person inside. She returned to placing her cheek flat on the ground and peeping inside. “Pst.” She called out and that caught the attention of the person inside. However, the person simply looked at something else as if waiting for a follow-up. “Pst. Down here.” The person turned towards her direction as shown by the person’s feet. The person’s eyes met with Mai’s.

“Woah! Signs of human life after months. It gets crazy inside here,” mentioned the person.

“What’s your name?” Mai inquired.

“Kirk Danger.” Mai quickly asked for Train to check the missing person’s list if such a name came up. As expected, a name did appear on the list, which meant he was one of the group of missing people a.k.a the victims of kidnap.

“How do you open this box of yours?”

“I don’t know.” His voice trailed. “We usually use the pod as a means of entrance and exit.”

So she was right that the pod had some purpose. “Thanks man. Hopefully we’ll get you out of there.”

She glanced at the others. They all knew who were in the boxes— the kidnapped students. With the new information at hand, JS decided to use one of the skills that came with his power. He went barefoot and stomped the ground. As he placed his shoes back on, he reported to the team his findings.

“There’s a series of tunnels below us that all lead to one area.”

“What are we waiting for?” Teito eagerly says. “Let’s go that area.”

“But we don’t know where the controls are!” Iris exclaimed, which surprised the group. “What are the chances that the controls for the pods are near the area?”

“Very high,” assured Blaz. “Based on oh-so stereotypical action movies, the controls always have to be near the area of concentration. It’s usually done to allow the heroes’ success rate to become higher. In addition, it’s to allow—”

“We get it Blaz,” cut off Mai. “Now can you lead the way?”

Blaz sighed. Why did his girlfriend have to cut his possible smart session? He quickly cloaked himself and proceeded to scout the area ahead and below.

He found himself in an all-white room. Well, at least he could see what was around him now unlike when he was in a sack or whatever he was in x hours ago. He was still wearing the same clothes as the time he was kidnapped. The room was spacious, but that was probably due to the content being only a bed and some kind of pod. A speaker caught his eye, which was positioned at the top corner of the white box he was in.

Well… now what?

She was inside the pod waiting for what may start happening to her. It worried her since she had no idea what was going to happen to her exactly. Would it be the same as the last time she was in the pod on request? She sighed and closed her eyes. No matter where she looked, all she saw was darkness. The darkness that reminded her that she had no clue what she was in. She knew that she had a high chance of getting kidnapped. She knew she had to be alert, but in the end, she didn’t put as much effort.

Suddenly the lights started lighting up. Something was about to occur and she heard an all too familiar voice and statement.

“Commencing download.”

And that’s when she knew. She knew that she was going to be experimented on and honestly, she felt something bigger was going to happen then. She felt that all too familiar prick except this time, it didn’t hurt as much. Was it the change in attire? That must be it. she was wearing her promenade dress during the first experimentation, which was quite think. The machine must’ve overestimated how deep the prick should’ve been. The one now felt like a light touch by a feather and that was it. She felt herself becoming more alert and awake in a way that coffee couldn’t do. However, she also felt the familiar straining. What was being strained exactly? Her amulet eerily glowed just like the last time. At least she was certain it’ll be the same as last time.

The strain was getting stronger to the point that she started to become numb as a whole. She didn’t feel the feathery touch of the prick nor the cloth of her outfit. She couldn’t even feel the heat radiating from the amulet around her neck. She had completely lost any sense of feeling and that was probably just the icing of the cake. What was the cake?

Then she completely lost it. She blacked out.

Blaz managed to lead the group to a “dead end”. It wasn’t a dead end per say, but it was the only blatant door in the whole darn place besides that of the front. The team looked at each other wondering what to expect when they were at the other side of the door. They readied themselves for any attack that may come flying at them and mentally prepared themselves for whatever they might see when they open the door.

Blaz finally pushed the door in the end— to reveal an enormous room filled with cables, tubes, wirings, and the like.

Yup— some mad scientist experiment was going on.

“Look! There’s Ailia,” pointed Mai.

That was all it took to get Teito’s attention. His eyes quickly drifted to the girl who made him worry endless days and nights— the same girl who a bunch of people were giving concrete signals about. It was the girl that he genuinely liked during his first few years in high school. It was the girl who plagued his thoughts and for him, it was frustrating. Never in his life had he wanted some unknown question to be answered. What were people hinting to him?!

But fuck, that wasn’t answered.

Except what entered his mind was how tired she looked amidst the lack of paleness that accompanied being tired. She looked lost and as if lost the willpower to fight. She was definitely unconscious and off to who knows where. Whatever was being done to her was hurting her.

“Intruders!” A voice shouted.

Well… they should first clear the way of obstacles before saving her. Hopefully that’d be a quick job.


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