Majisuka Gakuen

I haven’t watched any Japanese series, whether drama or anime, for the past 3 months. I’ve been on a series hiatus because I was prioritizing academics over hobbies. I wanted to see how much extra time I could have within a semester; in addition, I wanted to adjust into Ateneo properly. Shifting from a public school to a private one, there is a big difference— one I must adjust myself to.

My blockmate decided to introduce me to the series Majisuka Gakuen over the weekend since he found out that I listen to AKB48 songs. My background on AKB48 is based on the anime series AKB0048, which has a sequel in the works. I was intrigued by the idea that group idols acted in something NOT related to typical idol work. Therefore, I started watching Majisuka Gakuen over the weekend (which carried over to Monday).

As the title of the series states, the setting of Majisuka Gakuen is Majisuka Gakuen (Majijo) or Majisuka Academy. Majisuka translated to english means “are you serious?” and it does give away the major plot pusher. The story revolves around Maeda Atsuko, a transfer student who looks quiet and meek. However she has a secret that slowly shows itself as the episodes go by. It’s this secret that turns her from meek to rough, which garners attention from the student body. It’s an attention she doesn’t want because she doesn’t want to fight people anymore. Majijo is a yankee school, which means that the hierarchy is governed by how strong one is in a fight. Maeda knows this fact,but prefers to keep a low profile. However, when her secret is triggered by accident, she is unable to keep that fighting-side of hers.

The series is interesting and the events were well played out. There are no filler episodes whatsoever, which supports the previous statement. At the first half of the series, everything seems so vague. It gives you a feeling that there is no plot and that the series is just about fighting and hurting people. However, everything slowly clears up once Maeda’s battles with the 4 queens of Majijo start.

The series doesn’t force itself to be funny and tries to keep a serious tone. It was meant to be some inspirational series, but there are moments that become too serious that it simply becomes funny. The reactions of each AKB member in the series was spectacular because they know how to make a viewer laugh or just sympathize with her situation in the series.

The fight scenes aren’t that awesome like those action movies, but it’s to be expected. Girls attempting to punch, kick, knee, etc other girls is good comic relief. It’s like the fights in Filipino telenovelas except more fake blood (it really looks fake). And they seem to miraculously heal in the speed of light.

I’d recommend this series as something worth watching. I thought I wouldn’t appreciate it as much, but it somehow grew on me as the episodes passed.


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