Valentine’s Day

The rays of the sun shined upon them— not the stinging ones, but the warm ones. The cool breeze blew past, relieving people with something new. They laid on the freshly cut grass that cloaked the field in a spring time feeling. It wasn’t spring— such a season didn’t exist in their world. It was either hot or cold and by magic, it wasn’t either of the two. They looked up to see the sky, except they saw the white ceiling of the tent. The girl didn’t like the sun, but she liked looking at the sky. She was eccentric, but the boy didn’t mind; he liked her that way.

They were beside each other under that tent. They were oblivious of the bustling fair activities. The repeated announcements, the attempts of escape, the smell of food, and other things were negligent to the girl and boy. They smiled sweetly as they looked into each other’s eyes, the girl further leaning into the boy’s shoulder. Their fingers intertwined as it laid on the grass to feel the warmth of the earth. They were happy in each other’s company.

Because the boy was waiting for a moment to present her with a gift on a sunny February day.


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